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Most companies either fail to properly analyze their financial resources required to enter new markets, finance exports or offer a new product/service, invest in marketing and promotion, or have difficulty in controlling their operating expenses.  

However, analyzing balance sheets within the framework of asset-liability management, separating income sources, identifying financing options, identifying risks, creating a healthy cash flow, ensuring budget and planning discipline, and making company financials accurate and interpretable are some of the vital features for the efficiency and continuity of a company.  

For these reasons, we know how market conditions should be evaluated financially, and we establish an income/expense balance that will save you money by identifying priority investment areas and processes that need improvement.  

Some of our services you can benefit from within the scope of FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY;

Financial Risk Assessment

Financial Risk Management

Financial Crisis Management

 Stress Testing and Analysis

Financial Education in the Digitalization Process

Financial Management Statements for Investments

Business Income-Expense and Profitability Analysis

Cash Flow Planning

Industry and Competitor Analysis for Pricing

Investment Analysis of Support Received