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We attach importance to Local Governments, which are intertwined with the society from birth to death. Because we believe that they should act with the awareness of protecting the underground and above-ground resources, cultural and natural assets, traditions and customs that have been passed down from generation to generation, and values that have been learned and accepted through years of effort.
We are aware that Local Governments should be innovative, original structures that improve the quality of life of the people, covering everyone and working for their common interests without ignoring even the smallest communities in their towns.
The experiences we know closely, work with and gain from the field show that Local Governments can also be attractive to people from different cultures of the world when they create environments suitable for the rapidly changing and transforming conditions of the 21st century. When they start designing and implementing thematic and original activities and projects, we witness that they can become powerful organizations that turn the wheels of the economy that revolves around the abstract and concrete values of life.
This strategic and functional position of Local Governments, which we have described to emphasize their importance, means generating added value for their own regions and the regions around them, as well as for their countries and different parts of the world. This is one of the indicators of their importance and role in the economy.

Some of our services that municipalities can benefit from within the scope of LOCAL GOVERNMENT CONSULTANCY;

Strategic Management Consultancy

Social Project Production and Management

  Digitalization and Process Management

 Convergence and Stakeholder Management

Tourism and Destination Development

Gastro Diplomacy Management

Social Marketing Management

Project Design and Management

Media and Social Media Management

Event Design and Management

Training​ and Mentoring Services

Sustainability Policies

Grant and Fund Management​

National and International Relations

Investor Relations and Management

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